Cream Soaps

Cream Soaps

100% Natural Handmade Soap

Cream Soaps

100% Natural Handmade Soap

Key Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Fragrances.
Cream soap comes in two weights: 4 oz or 4.2 lbs

The emphasis on these soaps is based on higher content of Shea Butter and virgin coconut oil that nourish the skin deeply. The cream like consistency combined with natural glycerin helps maintain the skin's balance with its tranquilizing qualities and leaves the body tenderly cleansed, soft as silk. The Shea butter comes from the fruit of an African butter tree and it is used in many skin products because it penetrates deep into the skin and gives back its elasticity. It is well known as an aide in dryness, dermatitis and burns.

These soaps are especially suited for normal to dry skin.

Honey / Lemongrass

Honey / Lemongrass#12075





Mango / Peach

Mango / Peach#12055



Apple / White Heather

Apple / White Heather#12010

Cream Soaps / Apple / White Heather

Catalog number: #12010

A festive combination of succulent apples and the famous Scottish Highlands symbol - White heather. Harmonious deep flavor that embraces the body with sensual sexy scarf and provokes lasting feeling of freshness and appeal. A fantastically lovely and tender blend of aromas.

French Lavender

French Lavender#12005

Cream Soaps / French Lavender

Catalog number: #12005

Lavender's unique color and smell absorbs air with a pleasant, stimulating and at the same time, relaxing scent. It is a versatile favor that blends with any decor and is perfect for use for any type of skin. Lose yourself in daydream of French lavender fragrance.

Grapefruit / Green Tea

Grapefruit / Green Tea#12015

Green Tea

Green Tea#12020



Cream Soaps / Lilac

Catalog number: #12025

Born in Persia, the gentle scent of Lilac will remind you the first emotions of love. It complements the tenderness of magic whiff of slightly and delightful floral bouquet. This heady inspired blend showcases the sacred floral bloom, a symbol of unity, grace and romantic flair to the main plot.

Papaya / Apricot

Papaya / Apricot#12030



Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Milk#12040

Vanilla / Bourbon / Ginger

Vanilla / Bourbon / Ginger#12045

Cream Soaps / Vanilla / Bourbon / Ginger

Catalog number: #12045

Free your mind with this elegant and specific aroma. Rich Bourbon is at the heart of this moody, warm and charred woody blend. The combination of velvety Bourbon, slightly sweet Vanilla and tangy Ginger creates a deep and nuanced association of joy and pleasure like no other.

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