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Yes, it’s my aroma

Bathroom – it is the place that is just for you, where in part of the day you find yourself, you give your body minutes peace and indulge your senses.

The water fun in the bathroom associates with taking long and aromatic bath or pleasant vitality shower. In both cases to enjoy maximum of that pleasure you need to add the favorite aroma.

By citrus energizing, the tender rose' delicacy, the crisp ocean aroma, to exotic papaya and lotus smell. The choice of appropriate tropic fragrance should tell us a lot about our moment feels.

Choose the one that most defines your personality. If you want to feel the sweet floral notes, select jasmine. Blueberry will bring you delicious fruit tones.

Whether spent time in the bathroom is just 5-6 min or half hour – main task of the fragrance is body refreshment and relax. Give dose of freshness with lemon scent or leave yourself in calming tranquilizing effect of vanilla.
How will spend your first and last minutes of the day, depends on your preference for new and unique atmosphere in the bathroom.

Select a scent you like and discover a soap touch experience like no other! -

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