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Colors by style

Big or small, colorful or neutral, cottage-style or modern design, relaxing or energizing – that is your bathroom and the color you choose should express who you are.

Whatever décor you select, nuances of each detail creates entirely different look. From crisp, cool white to fiery red, colors evoke a certain feeling.

The elegant soap is part of that vision and color palette. It is the part that can be changed every week, taking into account our mood, the seasons or simply the individual passion for a fragrance.

Orange means vitality and endurance – begin of warmth of the sun.

Green is the nature and the feel for change or growth.

The energy and the confidence to go after your dreams, is symbolized by the warmest of all colors – red.

The blue color is the emblem of the sky, ocean, sleep and twilight – calm and relaxation.

Welcome the sunny day in yellow, the shade of the joy and happiness.

The cool and warmth blend creates the color purple – an energizing shower from depression and over activity.

Whatever color you select, it quickly must make you smile.  And what should your soap color be? -

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